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27 Nov 2016
They say actors are born not made. This is true to a large extent. But actors need to bring out their inborn talent and skills in acting. And this is what an acting coach is made for. So, if you want to be a good, make that natural actor, by all means, get an acting coach like Mr. Robert Winsor, a British born American citizen.

Qualities of a Good Coach
Find a good coach, and you'll transform as a better actor. You'll know a good acting coach when he or she possesses the following characteristics:

1) The ability to read people, listen to what they do not say, and identify their innate talents and skills in acting that have not yet been brought out. 
2) A good coach will be able to show you how to use your natural talent to act and not tell...

23 Nov 2016
By focusing on developing a deep skill set, in acting classes or other qualified institutions are of the utmost importance. No matter how high quality the class, there is one thing acting classes are not responsible for and that is your auditioning technique. Audition tapes are a big part of the process now. An expensive, professional video is okay for an audition tape but, certainly not necessary. Just borrow or rent a camera, enlist the help of an aspiring director friend and follow these simple rules.

How you appear is key, and lighting is a big part of this. Strong shadows falling in the wrong places can eliminate your chances of producers watching the tape all the way through. Looking completely washed out from lights that are too...

18 Nov 2016
If you want to get your child involved in an activity, you should consider putting him or her in theatre. In this The Robert Winsor Institute can certainly do a lot. The performing arts can be beneficial in many ways for young kids. Find out why you are advised to give this extracurricular activity a chance, no matter how old or young your child is.

One of the best things performing arts can teach is self-confidence. Many kids are afraid of being on stage at first, but that fear goes away once they do it successfully at least once. When children learn that they can perform in front of a large audience, they often feel like they can do anything since they have conquered a fear. Some even end up addicted to that feeling, leading to them...

12 Nov 2016
Kids who are potential actors or actresses can really become good actors or actresses in the future if, at a considerable early age, they are enrolled in an acting class. Robert Winsor Institute acting classes can teach your child how to start acting and also offers many acting activities, programs, and workshops which are especially designed for kids to develop and master their skills while they are young.
Parents of kids with such potential often ask about what really an acting class can do for their children and their future careers in the acting industry. There are so many answers to this merely one question. With each acting session in Robert Winsor Institute acting class, your child will learn a lot of improvisation skills. Your...

07 Nov 2016
Summer camps for kids are not just for fun as most people like to think, rather they are carefully designed to transform the way children think, talk, and behave. Every time a child accomplishes a new goal or project he is encouraged to take on the next challenge without any trepidation. Summer camps for kids can play an important role in developing your child's self-esteem and help them to acquire new skills in areas hitherto known or even unknown to them such as sports, computers, art, writing and more.
The Robert Winsor Institute has been providing coaching sessions for children, giving them a platform for expression and a great sense of poise, focus, and self-confidence.

Along with incorporating self-esteem in a diffident child,...

28 Oct 2016
The Robert Winsor Institute was created by Robert Winsor, a thespian and producer who has done extensive work for the British television, is a co-owner of the performing arts school, located in Santa Barbara, Burbank, and Irvine, CA.

Robert has partnered up recently with Hollywood producers and other industry professionals who come from the casting end of the industry as well.

The Institute and its different platforms, has been around for many years. Young actors get to learn not only how to successfully book work in film, print TV and commercials, but they also become extremely assertive.

Self-confidence is key, as well as the ability to focus. 
On camera skills are paramount and a huge number of children from northern and southern have...